This training builds on work by the “Coma and Disorders of Consciousness research centre”. We run CPD for healthcare professionals working with people in vegetative and minimally conscious states, and for anyone studying medical law or ethics.

We have over 10 years experience of delivering courses in hospitals, rehabilitation centres and care homes. We’ve now move largely online and partnered with educational technologist Liz Fahy of GeckoSurfing.

Course details are below. 

Each course includes both ‘core’ and ‘advanced’ learning, allowing you to work through the materials in the way that suits you. We recommend doing the five courses above in order – or at least starting with the “Introducing PDoC course” – as they combine to create cumulative learning. 

 Learner experiences of previous courses

As a  Speech and Language Therapist experienced in working with PDOC patients this course has made me think from a different perspective, which will enhance my future practice, particularly in my interactions with family members. I would definitely encourage all new and existing SLTs to complete the course to enhance their knowledge and skills. (Amy Pundole, Royal Hospital for Neurodisability, Putney)

There was a really broad range of learning media through which to explore this challenging subject… I learnt about areas outside of my usual clinical role, such as physiotherapy within acute settings. I enjoyed the wide variety of options to learn including detailed articles or soundbites, tapping into different modes of learning. (Hilary Rose, Head of Therapy Services, Regional Hyper-acute Rehabilitation Unit)

Enlightening Course. Delivered and presented excellently. Very high quality, interesting materials that really placed people at the heart of the topics and discussion. Lots of variety so there was never reading fatigue. The course is so interactive the time flew by. (Occupational Therapist, from course feedback questionnaire)

“High quality online courses from Coma and Disorders of Consciousness research centre, already widely used – Suit all the team. (Professor Derick Wade, Doctor, neuro rehabilitation expert)

I’ve been qualified as an Occupational Therapist for 20 years and have a great deal of experience working with PDOC.  It is incredible to have a resource that not only serves to inform newly qualified staff but that provides a current knowledge base to ensure more experienced staff are up-to-date and can be confident in this field. To have a resource of this quality and detail is fantastically important and aids ongoing development & learning for staff of all grades. (Suzi Kerrell-Vaughan, Specialist Occupational Therapist)

I found this extremely beneficial in developing my skills as a nurse…I now have a better understanding of what it is to live with these conditions. (Student nurse)

I would highly recommend this course to anyone working with people in PDoC and their families/carers. Made me rethink how non PTs see the tilt table!  (Emilia Bartram, Specialist neurophysio)

Such a dynamic and thought-provoking course. It has been a pleasure to take part and I appreciate the wide-ranging knowledge of the lecturers and other participants. (Physiotherapist, from course feedback questionnaire)