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Delivery: entirely online

Study time:  4 to 7 hrs (or more with optional activities), to be completed at own pace

Assessment: self-assessment quizzes & reflection; auto-generated CPD certificate on completion.

Cost: £40 (Provides individual purchasers access to course for 8 weeks)

Course details

This course outlines key aspects of the care of PDoC patients and the roles of different members of the multi-disciplinary team; it highlights recent clinical guidelines and some of the skills needed. It is particularly designed for those relatively new to working with this particular patient population but can also be a useful refresher and overview for any member of the MDT.  For new staff we recommend doing this course after having completed “Introducing PDoC”.

How to purchase

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Learning outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • list the core medical, nursing and therapeutic needs of PDoC patients
  • identify the different professionals involved and describe some specialist interventions they can offer
  • explain the nature of a ‘best interests’ decision
  • list standardised tests used to assess levels of consciousness and recognise diverse ways in which these may be viewed by families
  • outline the value of Multi-Disciplinary Team working, especially for PDoC patients, and reflect on the definition of ‘the Team’
  • define your own role in the MDT and consider strategies for enhancing collaborative working among all those involved in supporting PDoC patients
  • identify the key guidelines and evidence base for your practice.

Students on placement: we offer 10 free places for placement students. Email your request to Professor Jenny Kitzinger providing 3 or 4 lines about yourself, your placement and why you’d like to join the course.

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