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Materials available until 15th Sept 2022

Delivery: entirely online

Study time involved: 7 hours (or more with optional activities), to study at your own pace

Assessment: self-assessment quizzes & reflection; auto-generated CPD certificate on completion

Cost: £30

Course details
How can you best support families of patients with Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness and what can you learn from them? What are your legal duties to consult? How can efforts at assessment and rehabilitation be explained? What are the challenges and how can you improve communication and relationships? This course is especially valuable to anyone working with PDoC patients and their families in hyper-acute, rehabilitation and long-term care settings.

Learning outcomes

​By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • reflect on your own and your colleagues’ feelings about working with the families of PDoC patients
  • empathise with a wide range of challenges families confront
  • identify diverse perspectives that people may have about their relatives’ condition and treatment
  • outline some of the potential differences between professional and family perceptions of therapies
  • develop strategies to bridge gaps between professional and family perceptions/expectations
  • outline the legal obligations to consult with those who care for the person or are interested in their welfare
  • list a range of resource available to families needing further support & know how to navigate these to develop your own future practice.
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