Next start date: To be announced soon for 2022

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How can you best support families of patients with Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness? How do families contribute to patients’ assessments, wellbeing, and treatment decisions? How can efforts at assessment and rehabilitation be explained? What can you learn from families? What are the challenges of working with families and how can you improve communication and relationships?
This course is especially valuable to any professionals working closely with PDoC patients and their families.

Next start date: To be announced soon for Spring 2022 – register to be sure you’ll be alerted to this

Delivery: The course is entirely online

Interactivity:  All our courses have interactive elements (eg polls & quizzes). In addition, when we  run a scheduled course there is a cohort of students learning alongside one another who interact via the discussion board, exchange ideas about best practice and pose questions of each other and of the tutor.

Course author/lead tutorProfessor Jenny Kitzinger, Cardiff University.

Duration of course: 4 week (self-study materials, for completion at own pace)

Study time involved: 7 hours (or more with optional activities)

Online seminar possibility: A final online discussion workshop may be offered if the tutors have time (optional)

Assessment: self-assessment quizzes & reflection (auto-generated certification of participation on completion).

Cost: £30 (gives individual access to online materials for 1 month)

Placement Students: We offer free places to 10 placement students​ per course. Contact us with details of your placement and why you’d like to do the course.

Centres taking on courses:  we can make special arrangements for centre managers/teams who wish to organise a course for 30+ staff. This can include the possibility of an in-person seminar discussion. Contact us for details, costings & to discuss requirements.

Note 1: Students need a computer & internet access to do the course – with a microphone to listen to audio & the usual software for playing youtube clips etc. If organising this course from a workplace please check the technology and that there is no firewall block before booking.

Note 2: The fees for this course are currently set simply to cover software licences, website hosting and education technologist input. All receipts/invoices should go to our educational technologist partner: Liz Fahy at GeckoSurfing. Please let us know if you are a centre wishing to buy 30+ places on the course and an invoice can be sent if you prefer this way of paying.

Example of course contents

  1. Introduction: Course Welcome; Connecting Learners
  2. Healthcare/family relations: Healthcare professional experiences; Family experiences – collaboration and conflict
  3. Family Research and Resource: Research with families; Resources for families; Complexities of family journeys
  4. Perspectives on Therapies: Perceptions & expectations; differences between therapists and family understandings and how to bridge these.
  5. Communication & care: Communication, Support resources, Consultation with families
  6. Reflections, Self-asssement and Feedback