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Note:This course has ended for now. We will rerun it soon. If you’d like further info and to be alerted about the next run dates  Register your interest HERE   https://cdoctraining.org.uk/registration/




This course explores how the vegetative state is represented in the media. You will engage with debates about how the media portray patients and report ‘miracle’ recoveries, court cases and scientific breakthroughs and you’ll explore implications for family and public understandings. The course will enhance your skills in analysing the media and being a critical media consumer. If you are a student or researcher it will also help you in designing your own research project on any topic. If you are a journalist or scriptwriter the course will develop your knowledge around this issue. If you care for such patients the course will help you navigate the impact of media representations on your own practice and support improved staff-family communication.

Study time: 6 hours (more with optional activities)       Duration: 3 weeks (at own pace, self-led learning) (No live seminars unless otherwise informed)

   Assessment: self-assessement, quizzes & reflection

Course author: Professor Jenny Kitzinger, School of Journalism, Media and Culture, Cardiff University.                                                                           

Course Outline
Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Course welcome  - Preview
Unit 2 Connecting learners  - Preview
Unit 3 Defining terms  - Preview
Unit 4 Hearing family concerns
Unit 5 Reflecting on module 1  - Preview
Module 2 Portraying Patients
Unit 1 Sleeping beauties  - Preview
Unit 2 Politics of visualisation
Unit 3 Vegetative versus Coma  - Preview
Unit 4 Moving images  - Preview
Unit 5 Family accounts revisited  - Preview
Unit 6 Reflecting on module 2
Module 3 Defining Diagnosis and Prognosis
Unit 1 Diagnostic confusion
Unit 2 Imagined awakenings
Unit 3 Reporting recovery  - Preview
Unit 4 Representing misdiagnosis  - Preview
Unit 5 Reflecting on module 3
Module 4 Framing Law and Science
Unit 1 Reporting landmark cases  - Preview
Unit 2 Conflict hearings  - Preview
Unit 3 Scientific 'breakthroughs'  - Preview
Unit 4 Reflecting on module 4  - Preview
Module 5 Media Research Reflections
Unit 1 Research design
Unit 2 Resources
Unit 3 Creative collaborations  - Preview
Unit 4 Reflecting on module 5
Module 6 Review
Unit 1 Review and signing off
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