Course licences for teams and organisations – 2024

Our licences offer access to our online courses for the whole of 2024 – licences allow organisations flexibility to integrate the training into their staff development programmes and means that staff can study at different points in the year depending on their own schedules and learning needs.

The five courses covered by licences are: (1) ‘Introducing Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness’, (2) Caring for PDoC patients’, (3) ‘Communicating with Families’, (4) ‘Law, Ethics and Best Interests’, and (5) ‘End-of-Life care’. 

The online courses complement in-house, hands-on training for staff. The courses can embed an understanding of Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness right across organisations  (e.g. “Introducing PDoC’) and refresh and update the skills of experienced staff (e.g. on developments in law and professional guidelines).

Licence packages

  1. Single licence: allows a single healthcare professional access to all five courses listed above, with the ability to study any or all of the courses throughout the year.
Licence name Description Price
Single licence Provides 1 person access to all 5 courses £200


  1. Full flexi licences: provide flexible access to all five courses for multiple staff throughout the year.
Licence name Description Price**



50 flexi-training places (e.g. 10 people access to all 5 courses or 50 different people access to one course each) 1,800 (10% discount)
Flexi100 100 flexi-training places* 3000 (25% discount)
Flexi200 200 flexi-training places* £4,000 (50% discount)

* Organisations distribute places between staff and different courses as they wish. For example, with a “Flexi-100” licence you could have 30 people do the first three courses and 10 do one of the other courses.

  1. Introductory course licences: This is for organisation wishing to ensure a range of staff share a core understanding of Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness and have engaged with keys issues about the condition, definitions, and challenges.
Licence name Description Price**
Intro10 up to 10 places on “Introducing PDoC” £400
Intro20 up to 20 places on “Introducing PDoC” £720 (10% discount)
Intro40 up to 40 places on “Introducing PDoC” 1,280 (20% discount)



Course Bookings, invoicing and payment
Sampling the courses

If you’d like additional information use the links below to see the menu for each course. You can also  access the introduction to each course and a sample of other ‘preview’ learning units: