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Module 1 Why this Course?
There are no units in this module.
Module 2 Law
Unit 1 Legislation (under construction)
Unit 2 Court judgments (under construction)
Unit 3 Consent
Unit 4 Advance decisions
Unit 5 Best interests
Module 3 Ethics
Unit 1 Quality of life (under construction)
Unit 2 Sanctity of life (under construction)
Unit 3 Is withdrawal euthanasia?
Unit 4 Autonomy & person-centred care
Unit 5 Is refusing treatment 'suicide'?
Module 4 Roles and Responsibilities
Unit 1 Identifying the decision-makers
Module 5 Decision-making in Practice
Unit 1 Running meetings - reflection (under construction)
Module 6 Resolving Conflict
Unit 1 Mediation
Module 7 End of Life Care
Unit 1 End of Life care
Module 8 Decision-making Scenarios
There are no units in this module.
Module 9 testing
Unit 1 test
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