This course is for people leading best interests decision-making  for patients who don’t have capacity  to make decisions for themselves. The course:

a)  outlines law and guidance around decision-making about life-sustaining treatment  (in the UK) and review diverse ethical debates

b) Highlights the BMA/RCP (2018) guidance about clinically assisted nutrition and hydration and examines recent cases of poor practice that have reached court

b) takes learners through the practical steps:  collate relevant information, run a best interests meeting, address differences of opinion, accommodate conscientious objection, and document decisions.

c) Explains if and when to refer cases to the Court of Protection (due to, for example, intractable disputes) and outlines how to go about doing this.

This course is under development and is unlikely to be launched for several months. In the meantime, please see our Law and Ethics course which will will give you the core grounding.