The CDoCUK student resource about prolonged disorders of consciousness has formed part of final year interprofessional education at Cardiff University since 2015/16.  Developed by experienced academics and health care professionals the resource is focussed around contemporary social, legal and health care research in the area.

Taught in interprofessional education modules by Dr Julie Latchem-Hastings and Dr Geraldine Latchem-Hastings, this hugely successful learning tool has engaged over 500 final year students from 5 different professional groups over the past 3 years.

Through engagement with the topic of prolonged disorders of consciousness students learn about a new clinical area and the work of other professions.  The resource offers reflection upon the influence of culture and the media on clinical practice, highlights the importance of considering the experiences of families and challenges students by the medico-legal and ethical issues that arise in the care of this patient group.

Year on year student engagement shapes a flipped classroom experience which creates a memorable learning environment.  The CDoCUK resource has facilitated the coming together of diverse professional groups (to date – physiotherapy, diagnostic and therapeutic radiography, occupational therapy and operating department practitioners) and facilitated complex discussions around care, treatment decisions, consent and end-of-life matters.

This resource, popular with students, is free to any group of students.  All we ask is that those who use it let us know how it is being used, seek feedback and share that feedback with us.  If you are a lecturer or a student and would like your university to have access to this resource, please email Dr Julie Latchem-Hastings at