1.5 Reflecting on module 1 

Each module in this course is rounded off with an invitation to think back on what you have learned. Sometimes there’s a quiz too. As this is an introductory module we’re just suggesting you consider whether you now have any questions that you hadn’t had before? Is there something you hope will become clearer as the course progresses? Add comments or questions in the section below or note them down just for yourself  in a learning diary. (It is often useful to keep a learning diary when doing an online course.)

Activity 1 – A practical hint – bookmark the course on your devices
  • You’ll probably be dipping in and out of the course so it’s a good idea to bookmark it so you can find it easily again without having to find the original email. Save any passwords too. Some people like to open it on their phone too so they can do a unit easily when they are ‘on the go’. If you’ve going to do that, don’t forget a set of headphones so you can listen to the film clips too.
Activity  2 option – How are you doing? Share a tip with other learners.
  • Learning at home or studying in your so-called ‘spare’ time can be challenging. You may be pulled in different directions with caring responsibilities, not have a good workspace, equipment or wi-fi connection, or you may find it difficult to find the time and concentration to study. Share a tip in the comments section about what you personally might find helpful in helping you study.
Click here to see an activity ONLY for people with no professional or personal knowledge of the vegetative state!

We  often just glance at headlines and take away a general impression from that. Without thinking too hard, please record your immediate reaction to the newspaper headline here .

  • Do you remember anything about this story (or similar ones?)
  • What does this headline make you think or feel?

Add a comment to the comments section below. We’ll be revisiting this story later on in the course and reflecting on people’s initial impressions.